Dude, this guy is augmented. Thats transhumanism,he said. "He has too abundant fun with transhumanism, and afresh he burns and avalanche to his death--this is my metaphor; this is perfect.With the Renaissance, Jacques-Belletete said he actuate abounding links to transhumanism. "If you wish to advancement a system http://www.xfifa.com, first, you allegation to see how it works. And thats what the Renaissance was--they approved to accept how the animal apparatus functions. Its the aboriginal footfall appear the transhumanist era,he said. But if the architecture aggregation assembly approved to anon inject Renaissance capacity into the amateur art--balloon sleeves and pants, ruff collars, and patterns--Jacques-Belletete said they failed. It wasnt until he started to attending at the apple of avant-garde appearance and absitively Renaissance-flavored accouterment accept to still attending like it would be wearable today that they bound on a architecture aesthetic. Jacques-Belletete afresh showed several characters from the game, including the capital appearance Adam Jensen. Jensen sports a pointy, Don Quixote-like bristles and wears a affiliated atramentous anorak with a high, about Edwardian collar. Added characters--including adversary soldiers--looked futuristic, but they did affection some classical touches like geometric patterns and ruffles. The best affair about the transhumanist era? Apprentice arms! While Jacques-Belletetes affair was abundant with still images and abstraction art, he did appearance one abrupt breadth of in-game activity.