: At a contempo Activision columnist event, we got our  Buy NBA 2K17 MTcalmly on altered versions of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground. First, we approved out the attainable downloadable audience of the game. Added and added importantly, we approved out an adapted physique of the abounding adjustment of the skating bold that is due to hit abundance shelves this October. Our appetites aciculate by the demo, we dug adapted into the abounding bold to see what the Neversoft aggregation has been animate on aback we endure saw the game. Aboriginal stop: the online action. Online play will let you claiming your accompany to a adjustment of abecedarian and even activity in-game banknote on the results. Online play in Proving Arena will be a almost seamless experience. As you're skating about in any of the game's three burghal environments (scaled-down, tricked-out versions of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.), you can move to online multiplayer by pausing the bold and allotment the Xbox Abide agenda choice. From there, you can set up a bulk of online challenges and afresh allure up to seven added bodies to the challenges. Abounding of the online challenges in Proving Arena are abiding modes from antecedent abecedarian in the series, such as graffiti; however, there are a few new modes as well. We approved two of the new entries: skate the band and net attach the trick. Skate-the-line admission lets the host of the affair aces a alpha band and afresh behest one or added altar off of which competitors accept to hit tricks in one, continued combo. Finally, the host accept to abode a accomplishment band that anybody will allegation to cantankerous for their adjustment to count. Already all of these are in place, ceremony abecedarian will get a adventitious to do his or her best ambush admixture off of all the altered altar in the apple appointed by the host.