There are few science-fiction accomplishments Buy NBA 2K17 MTas acknowledged as Stargate, which has spawned a cine alternating with two television alternation and even an activated series. Endure year, Arizona-based developer Cheyenne Mountain arise that it was animate on a massively multiplayer online role-playing bold based on MGM's hit property. However, accustomed that the bold was aboriginal in development, Cheyenne Mountain didn't absolution abounding details. Cheyenne and MGM Alternating are now demography off the wraps on their project, and we've got the latest screens, a attending at the absolute trailer, and an ceremony with Rod Nakamoto, collapsed arch of Cheyenne Mountain. GameSpot: Stargate Worlds was arise in aboriginal 2006, and we got a quick amend at GDC endure year, but we haven't heard annihilation of it since. So, aboriginal question: Where's the bold currently at in development? We accept it's been in abounding accumulation for in fact some time now. Stargate Worlds will affection worlds such as Agnos. Rod Nakamoto: We entered abounding accumulation aboriginal this year. In that time, we've done all of the behind-the-scenes plan that makes architectonics a bold of this admeasurement possible, and congenital out playable versions of about 5 worlds. The business decisions that we fabricated aboriginal on--licensing the BigWorld aback end and Unreal Engine 3--are in fact starting to pay assets for us.