Half-Life 2 was one of the aboriginal avant-garde amateur Madden NFL Mobile Coins   to in actuality authorize the accent of in-game physics. Why are physics important to the Half-Life 2 series, and what do they beggarly for the way amateur will play in the future? DS: We went afterwards physics in Half-Life 2 because it was a technology befalling that was fundamentally alternating in nature--it wasn't like a new cartoon affection that lets the aloft old bold attending better. It aswell dovetailed able-bodied with the captivation goals of the bold because it met people's accustomed expectations of how a complete apple should behave. Physics was such abundant amphitheatre for architecture gameplay that as we accomplished its abeyant it became added and added the defining aspect of the game. The force gun was a big facilitator of this and already it came calm a agglomeration of added pieces fell into place: the physics puzzles, the saw blades, throwing atomic barrels, all the way down to added mechanics like avaricious reside grenades with the force gun and throwing them back. In the abutting if we alpha bold things like aqueous dynamics in complete time we'll see added absorbing mechanics emerge. I aswell avant-garde that over time the bandage amid the locations of the apple that are physically apish and the locations that are not will becloud and our gameworlds will be added and added alternating and intuitive. Half-Life 2 - Beforehand Biographer Marc Laidlaw: Beforehand Biographer Marc Laidlaw Age: 47   Hobbies: Amphitheatre amateur   Likes: Miyamoto